Trade Credit Insurance

Know more about BPI/MS Trade Credit Insurance

BPI/MS Trade Credit Insurance provides protection on all (part) of a company’s trade receivables against the risk of non-payment by their buyers. There are two types of risk that are covered under the Trade Credit Insurance:

1. Commercial Risk – includes any of the following:

a. Bankruptcy (liquidation, official insolvency and the equivalent concepts)

b. Protracted default

2. Political Risk – includes any of the following:

a. Public buyers (governmental bodies and institutions that are not registered as a private legal entity)

b. War, riots etc.

c. Transfer risk (non-payment caused by a governmental action, e.g. restrictions on payments in hard currency or import restrictions)


Key features of the BPI/MS Trade Credit Insurance

Sales on credit terms covered

Creditworthiness of buyers checked

Coverage defined on a case to case basis

Policy parameters adapted to match your requirements