1. Pay online through BPI ONLINE

If you are a BPI customer, you can enroll your BPI/MS Insurance Corporation policy in Bills Payment.



Step 1: From the Main Menu select:

  • Payments and Reloading
  • Bills Payment
  • Enroll All Other

Step 2: Choose BPI/MS Insurance Corporation

Step 3: Input your 16-digit Payment Reference Number



Step 1: From the Main Menu select:

  • Payments and Reloading
  • Bills Payment
  • Pay Bills Today

Step 2: Input the necessary information

  • Choose BPI/MS Insurance Corporation from your list of enrolled merchants
  • Key in the full premiums due for the year
  • Click Submit


      2.   Pay cash in any BPI/MS, BPI or BPI Family Bank Branch

Choose from any of the over 800 branches network to pay for your annual premium in cash. A list of BPI/MS Offices is provided here for your reference. You may also visit to locate the BPI/BPI Family Bank branch nearest you.


If you wish to pay through a BPI or BPI Family Bank Branch, please have the following information ready for input in BPI Express Assist (BEA):

BPI/MS Account Number:                  BPI 0011-1447-72 or BFB 6001-0515-02

Account Name:                                    BPI/MS Insurance Corporation

Payment Reference Number:            16-digit payment reference


      3. Pay using your BPI Debit Cards in any BPI/MS Office or ATM of BPI or BPI Family Bank branch



Step 1: Present your card to the Cashier

Step 2: The Cashier will swipe your card at the POS and inputs the amount

Step 3: Enter your PIN (same as your ATM PIN) to complete your transaction



Step 1: Enroll the BPI/MS Insurance Corporation and the 16 digit payment reference of your policy using BPI Express online.

Step 2: Insert your BPI Debit Card

Step 3: Choose PAY BILLS

Step 4: Input your PIN and the amount to pay

Step 5: Input the number code corresponding to your enrolled BPI/MS Insurance Corporation 16-digit payment reference

Step 6: Choose OK to complete your transaction



     4. Charge to your credit card in any BPI/MS Branch, or take advantage of Special Installment Plans on your BPI or BPI Family Bank credit card


You can charge your annual premium straight to any Visa or Mastercard credit card.


BPI or BPI Family Bank Credit cardholders can also opt to avail of Real 0% Special Installment Plan by submitting a completely filled out copy of the attached Credit Card Payment Form and submitting this to the nearest BPI/MS Branch.


     5. Pay at any Bayad Center Branch nationwide.

Step 1:  Go to any Bayad Center Branch.  Fill out the Transaction form slip.  Make sure your 8-digit Policy number OR 16-digit reference number is correct. Please provide a valid Cellphone number where we can reach you in case there are problems with the validation.

Step 2: Hand over your slip and cash to the cashier.

Step 3: Wait and check for your acknowledgment receipt with machine validation as proof of payment.