1. What is BPI/MS Money, Securities & Payroll?

    BPI/MS Money, Securities and Payroll Insurance protects an insured company against any direct physical loss of    money, securities or payroll money whether they are inside the premises or in transit howsoever caused except as specifically excluded.

2. What are the types of MSP coverage available?

a. Comprehensive Cover (CMS) – protects the insured from all direct physical loss whatsoever caused except as details in the exclusion, like fraud and dishonest acts committed by its employees, forgery, war risks and convulsions of nature.

b. Robbery Cover (RMS) – protects the insured against direct physical loss caused by robbery, brigandage and theft.

3. What are sections of the MS Insurance Policy?

a. Section I – Loss of Money Inside Premises – provides indemnity to the insured for losses caused by the perils covered while the money is inside the premises or the required depository in the premises.

b. Section II – Loss of Money Outside Premises (In Transit) – provides indemnity to the insured for losses caused by perils covered while money is being a conveyed by a messenger in a declared money route.

c. Section III – Loss of Payroll Money – (Inside or Outside Premises) – protects an insured for loss of Payroll Money caused by perils insured against whether it happened inside or outside premises.

d. Section IV – Inclusive Extra Cover – a free add-on cover, which will reimburse the insured for the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged depository (safe, vault, strongroom, cash register, cash drawer or cash box) inside the premises. This may also cover the replacement/repair of a lost container (wallet, bag, sachel, safe or chest) while it is outside the premises or in transit, caused by perils insured against.

4. Where can I avail of BPI/MS’ MSP Insurance policy and other insurance products?

As proof of our commitment to serve you, we have made BPI/MS’ products and services available nationwide through our business partners and branch network.