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  • Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement. Pays the amount of Insurance, as specified in the policy, to the beneficiary in case of the insured's death & permanent disablement due to an accident.
  • Educational Assistance. If during the period of Insurance, the Insured Person (Principal, Spouse or Parents) sustains Bodily Injury which directly causes or results in his/her Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement, this benefit shall be payable, in addition to the Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement cover.

   BPI MS shall pay the amount insured stated in the Schedule of Benefits for the Insured Person's child(ren) or sibling(s) as an education subsidy. The child(ren) or sibling(s) must be unmarried, unemployed and studying age three (3) up to twenty-two (22).

  • Daily Cash Assistance. Pays a fixed amount for each day that the insured is confined in a hospital due to an accident, up to a maximum of ten (10) days for Principal Insured and five (5) days for Dependents.
  • Burial Expense. Extends financial assistance to cover burial expenses incurred in case of the insured's accidental death.
Schedule of Benefits
Spouse /
 Child(ren) /
Accidental Death
and Permanent
Daily Cash Assistance 
 Cash Allowance per day 
 Max Confinement Days
 Max Cash Benefit
Burial Expense 
Educational Assistance

*Amounts are in Php


  • Spouse (if Principal is Married) / Parent(s) (if Principal is Single) (if 2 surviving parents will be declared, limit is 50% per person)
  • Child(ren) (if Principal is Married) / Sibling(s)/ Child(ren) (if Principal is Single)

- Maximum of 3




  1. Client must be residing in the Philippines
  2. Principal Insured must be 18 to 65 years old
    1. Eligible Dependents
      1. Married Principal:
        • Spouse up to 65 years old
        • Child(ren) (unmarried and unemployed), 1 to 22 years old
      2. Widowed/Separated/Divorced:
  • Child(ren) (unmarried and unemployed), 1 to 22 years old
    • Single Principal:
  • Parents up to 65 years old
  • Sibling(s) or child(ren) (unmarried and unemployed), 1 to 22 years old



  • The insurance coverage shall be in effect starting on the date of purchase, commencing from 12:01AM, Manila Standard Time.
  • The policy will end its coverage one year from the date of purchase or when accidental death benefit has been paid, whichever comes first.



  • Each client shall be limited to one Family Personal Accident cover only (One FPA policy for one family). In the event that an insured person, whether principal or dependent, is covered under two or more policies of the same program, only one policy will respond in any valid claim.
  • The maximum liability of the policy shall be equivalent to the coverage of the principal insured, as stated in the policy. Once this coverage is exhausted, the policy is deemed fully consumed.



  • Assignment of beneficiary/ies will be according to the Philippine Civil Law on Succession. Beneficiary of Dependents will be the Principal Insured. Should the Principal Insured wish to specify the beneficiary of this policy, he/she may request for the same personally from BPI MS Head Office, or call its customer hotline at (02) 8840-9000



Standard exclusions apply which can be found in the policy wording.  Below are specific exclusions in addition to the standard policy exclusions:

  • Murder & Assault
  • Motorcycling accident
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Mosquito bites
  • Food poisoning
  • Individuals engaging on the following occupations/activities are not covered:
    • Members of the armed forces or in the military service. This includes: Soldiers, Police, Secret Service, Detective, Army, Navy, Air Force, Customs Personnel, Firemen
    • Engaging in or performing any exhaustively physical, extraneous or hazardous sports or activities (Extraneous and hazardous activities/sports mean any activity that involves chance or adventure increasing peril or putting at risk and in jeopardy the life of an insured person. While exhaustive physical activities are those activities that excessively require intense physical effort. This includes: Professional Athletes, Acrobats, Extreme Sportsman, Stuntmen, Automobile Racing Drivers, Aviators, Boilermen, Sawmill Workers
    • Air and Sea Vessel's Crew.
    • Engaging in specialized trade or skills involving extraneous and hazardous physical exposure which could result to sudden and grave physical injury or disability, such as: Underground and/or underwater operations, Forestry Personnel, Loggers, Asylum Attendants, Laborers erecting or constructing high rise structures, Explosive Makers, Sawmill Workers, Boilermen
    • Overseas Filipino Workers
    • Accident resulting or caused while the Insured is performing or attempting the performance of an unlawful act.

For claims request, please contact BPI MS Claims Department at (02) 8840-9556 or 8840-9209 or email [email protected] or visit any of the BPI MS branch offices near you and submit your complete claims documents.

For questions, please contact BPI MS and send email to [email protected].   

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