A – Always lock all car doors when you park.

N – Never stay inside the car while parked.

T – Take your family members with you when you park.

I – Install safety and alarm devices whenever possible.


C – Check the area for suspicious looking person/s.

A   – Always park in lighted areas at night.

R – Remove visible valuables inside cars before parking to avoid would-be culprits form temptations.

N – Never entrust car keys to anybody to prevent from being duplicated/copied.

A – Avoid hitchhickers.

P – Park your car in secured areas as much as possible.

P – Provide necessary information to area security on suspicious-looking persons.

I – Install a hidden master switch whenever possible.

N – Never leave your car windows open specially during traffic jam.

G – Garage gates must be secured and locked at all times.


D – Drive your car towards a crowded area if being followed by suspicious looking persons/motorist.

R – Remove vital spare parts like “Rotor” before leaving your car.

I – Investigate driver – applicants before hiring them.

V Verify prospective buyers before entrusting the “For Sale” car for testing purposes.

E – Entrust car keys to management when leaving it behind for repairs.