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Frequently Asked Questions about the
BPI/MS Express Roadside Assistance (ERA)

Q: Who can avail of the FREE 24-hour BPI/MS Express Roadside Assistance (ERA)?
A: All policyholders that renewed or procured an initial Comprehensive Motor Car policy (with Own Damage and Theft coverage) are entitled to the ERA feature.
Q: Are all vehicles insured by BPI/MS qualified for the ERA?
A: Yes, as long as the vehicle:

  • Has Own Damage and Theft Coverage

  • Is not being used for public transportation of persons, merchandise, for hire, with or without a driver

  • Does not exceed 3,500 kgs in weight (i.e. not bigger than an Expedition)

  • Is not more than 10 years old

Q: Who is the service provider for BPI/MS ERA?
A: The service provider for BPI/MS ERA is International SOS, an independent organization with headquarters in Singapore and the world’s leading service provider of Medical Assistance, International Healthcare, Security Services and Outsourced Customer Care.

Q: What is the number to call for BPI/MS’ Express Roadside Assistance?
A: The BPI/MS ERA Hotline is (02) 687- 85 - 85

Q: What are the two (2) basic / main features offered by BPI/MS ERA?
A: First is the Service Feature, where ISOS shall arrange and pay for the following:

  • Emergency Towing Assistance

  • Minor On - Site Vehicle Repair Assistance

  • Vehicle Removal

  • Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation Assistance

  • Alternative Travel Assistance

  • Repatriation of Vehicle

Second feature that is offered by BPI/MS ERA is the Assistance Feature, where ISOS shall provide all necessary logistics and assistance. However, all third party costs are billed to the client.

Q: What are the services offered by the BPI/MS ERA? 
A: The services offered by BPI/MS ERA are:

Vehicular Assistance:

  • Emergency Towing Assistance up toPhp 3,500 per event *

  • Minor On-Site Vehicle Repair Assistance up to Php 3,500 per event *

  • Vehicle Removal up to Php 8,000 per event *

  • Arrangement for Rental Transport

  • Locksmith Assistance

  • Claims Procedure Assistance

  • Referral to Claims Department

  • Parts and Service Locator

Personal Assistance:

  •   Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation Assistance up to Php 2,000 per event (if the     assured is outside Metro Manila) *

  •    Alternative Travel Assistance up to Php 2,000 per event (if the assured’s vehicle cannot be repaired within 6 hours from the time of breakdown, and if the assured is outside Metro Manila) *

  • Repatriation of Vehicle up to Php 2,000 per event *

  • MMDA Traffic Advisory

  • Carnapping Assistance

  • Directory Assistance (Police / PNP Assistance)

  • Vehicle Registration Assistance

  • Emergency Message Relay

  • Road Directions Assistance

Medical Assistance:

  • Ambulance Assistance

  • Medical Service Provider Referral
  • Arrangement of Hospital Admission

*Subject to a maximum of 3 events per policy year for mechanical breakdown and unlimited number of events if related to a vehicular accident.

Q: In case of a mechanical breakdown or accident what will I do in order to avail ERA?
A: The policyholder is required to call (02) 687- 85 - 85 BPI/MS Express Roadside Assistance in order to avail of the Roadside Assistance Services.

Q: What if I’m using a cellphone or if I am using a landline outside Metro Manila to call the BPI/MS ERA hotline?
A: The initial call is at the expense of the policyholder, but after giving the necessary information to BPI/MS ERA such as: Name, Policy Number, Plate no, Make, Model, Color and Contact no., BPI/MS ERA will call back the policyholder to minimize the cost to the caller.

Q: What if my car breaks down in areas where there are accredited towing services assigned like SLEX and NLEX?
A: You can ask the towing service in that area to tow your car to the nearest exit. ERA can only render you service outside these exclusive areas. The cost of the initial towing may be reimbursed with BPI/MS if the towing is accident related, and up to the amount specified in the policy (i.e. Php 3,500). 

Q: What if my car needs towing in area outside Metro Manila? 
A: Simply call the ERA HOTLINE (02) 687 - 85 - 85 and a towing service provider will be send to you.

Q: How long does it take for a tow truck / mechanic to reach my vehicle?
A: Usually it takes 45 minutes to an hour if within Metro Manila. However, this may vary depending on the time of day, location and the traffic situation.

Q: What if the towing expense I incurred is more than Php 2,000? Can I charge the remaining balance against my Reimbursement of Towing Expense covered by my policy?
A: Yes, as long as it is accident related. However, the Reimbursement Towing Expense covered by your policy will only shoulder Php 3,500. Anything in excess of the Php 3,500 will be shouldered by the policyholder.

Q: Can I avail of multiple benefits of  ERA?
A: Yes, you can avail but only up to three (3) services / features in one occurrence. Example (1) The vehicle is towed to a repair shop; (2) The driver / client avails of Hotel Accommodation Assistance because the repair takes more than 24 hours; (3) After it is deemed that repair cannot be done immediately, client opts to avail Travel Assistance to get home. 

Q: What are the areas of coverage?
A: The areas of coverage are: Metro Manila, Baguio, Quezon, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Benguet, Bataan, Bulacan, Cabanatuan, La Union, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Rizal, Tarlac, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos
Q: Where can I get more information?
A: You can get more information through your servicing agents or you can call the nearest BPI/MS office.

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